Getting it all right: compliance information

Standards in Recruitment (SIR), the UK’s only independent compliance accreditation programme specifically designed for recruitment businesses has produced a free compliance tips guide.

Six of the best commonly overlooked compliance procedures and how to address them has been written to help recruitment businesses, whatever their size, to operate within the relevant legislation. The free guide is available to download from the SiR website

Commenting on the guide, John Randall, engagement director for SiR said “Being compliant does not need to be complex but sometimes it’s easy to overlook small yet important processes. We are not trying to teach recruitment businesses to ‘suck eggs’ but we understand that when a company is rushing to meet deadlines, sometimes things can get overlooked. I believe the six examples we have identified will help recruitment businesses, whatever their size, operate within the relevant regulations.

“The guide offers real-life examples that recruitment businesses will recognise. Each example outlines a typical scenario and concludes with how they can be addressed. For example, putting contractual terms in place with clients. Without this being done correctly, there is always going to be a risk in a whole range of areas, not least liability.”

Randall concludes “Standards in Recruitment (SiR) has produced this guide to in response to the increasingly compliance-driven world in which recruitment businesses now have to operate and we are confident that businesses will find it a helpful resource.

For further information about the guide or Standards in Recruitment please contact John Randall, engagement director by: Tel: 0845 450 4415

This article first appeared in The Global Recruiter on 11th April 2016

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