Independent accreditation for recruitment industry launched

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The first independent accreditation scheme for recruitment businesses has launched.

The SiR accreditation can be gained by firms that meet a universal set of ethical and compliance standards. Operating to a number of unique criteria, it is aimed at improving performance among agencies, while also helping hirers and candidates to decide which recruitment businesses to work with.

Alistair Singleton, MD of SiR, the company set up to deliver the service, said those who achieved accreditation would be able to differentiate themselves from agencies that had not been accredited.

“We believe SiR fills an important gap by focussing on impartiality,” he said. “For the first time it incorporates the objectivity, and the system and consistency requirements that exist in international business standards but which have never been specifically applied to recruitment businesses before.

“I’ve spent the last 20-25 years in the recruitment industry. One of the gripes is an inconsistency in standards among agencies.

“This service operates to principles of transparency, honesty, and legality, with one set of standards and one method of proving compliance relevant to all businesses across all sectors.”

Singleton said accreditation is a good way for agencies to reassure clients and candidates, and therefore potentially attract more business.

“We have been able to capture those essential standards of quality and compliance that are important for recruitment businesses to meet hirer and candidate expectations,” he added. “Our process results in genuine customer assurance and helps those accredited to drive performance, demonstrate credibility and win further business as a result.”

Although only launched last week, SiR has already attracted strong interest from recruitment firms of all sizes. Singleton added: “With a number of businesses already in the process of accreditation, we believe this standard is set to change the landscape as the universally applicable quality mark specifically for the recruitment industry.”

The SiR accreditation has been developed over the last three years, with a range of stakeholders from across the industry involved from the start, including agencies, candidates, hirers and legal specialists.

One of those who took part is Jonathan Land, senior HR business partner for Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group.

He said: “As a hirer stakeholder we are glad to have been involved from the earliest days. We commend this accreditation scheme. It is an independent and well thought through uniform standard designed to answer a longstanding need for quality assurance in recruitment.”

To find out more about the SiR accreditation, telephone 08454 504415 or visit


This article first appeared in Recruitment Agency Now – 5th February 2015

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