Aeropeople passes SiR’s re-certification process

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Aeropeople Limited has successfully passed the SiR re-certification process.

Commenting on Aeropeople’s re-certification, John Randall, engagement director at Standards in Recruitment, said, “As one of the early adopters of the SiR accreditation programme, it’s great to see them successfully complete their renewal audit and we are delighted to continue our partnership with Aeropeople for the next two years.

“I am pleased to see that Aeropeople use the SiR programme to continuously monitor their operational systems as this reaffirms their confidence in SiR to achieve compliance. I believe their success will inspire other recruitment businesses that are serious about wanting to demonstrate their commitment to quality in order to stand out from their competitors and to seek SiR accreditation.”

As part of the accreditation report, the audit team concluded that Aeropeople had maintained its management system in accordance with the requirements of the SiR standard and demonstrated the ability of their operational processes to systematically achieve the required outcomes of providing high quality services.

Commitment to quality and compliance

Julie Welford, compliance manager for Aeropeople, commented, “We are delighted to have successfully passed our renewal audit and are proud to fly SiR’s mark of excellence logo over the next two years. For us, it’s an ideal endorsement of our commitment to quality and compliance. It also publicly demonstrates that we are serious about providing a premier compliant service to all of our customers.

“To any recruitment business serious about wanting to provide a highly compliant service to hirers and candidates, Aeropeople would definitely recommend they consider undertaking the SiR accreditation programme. “

Adam Dowling, general manager at Aeropeople, who was present during the renewal audit, added, “Having SiR accreditation is definitely something which we as a company are proud to achieve and it is an important factor when talking to existing and new clients.”

This article first appeared in Recruitment International magazine on 9th May 2017

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