Recruitment Compliance with SiR

Every recruitment agency wants to be successful and being able to demonstrate that you are compliant will help you reach that goal. But what does recruitment agency compliance mean in practice?


There are three steps to achieving and demonstrating compliance

Senior management buy-in

Senior management need to buy into the principle of good practice and continuous business improvement and established management systems and processes that support this.

Legal requirements

A recruitment agency that claims adherence to compliance must ensure that the practices of its consultants are consistent and in line with established processes and the legal requirements that affects recruitment agencies.

Proving your compliance credentials

If a recruitment agency wishes to publicity prove its compliance credentials, it must have evidence that can demonstrate its management and operational processes are consistent, transparent and effective and that these can be verified through an independent external audit. These would include, complying with legal, regulatory and contractual requirements, confidentiality, data protection and various other specific areas.

Compliance procedures

Finally, recruitment agency compliance needs to reflect the reasonable expectations of hirers and candidates. So it’s important to check that your recruitment compliance procedures are in order, as sometimes these can be overlooked.

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