Relevant to all sectors, the SiR standards are a common set of realistic rules which can apply to recruitment agencies anywhere in the world.

The standards are designed to apply across all recruitment agency business platforms. The agency standards and guidance helps strengthen operations internally, and is a useful tool for recruitment compliance managers and directors alike.

The standards are based on the principles of quality, transparency, honesty and legality. They include a requirement for a recruitment agency to demonstrate consistency in both business and recruitment good practice and through an independent audit, identifies a well-run and reliable agency.


Meeting the SiR standards will result in overall business improvement, an achievement to be proud of.

The SiR standards cover:

  • Sector requirements including enhanced areas, e.g. education;
  • Meeting general customer expectation;
  • Confidentiality, diversity and staff poaching;
  • Verification of qualifications and expertise;
  • Addressing requirements and outcomes;
  • Documentation control;
  • Checking candidate suitability;
  • Right to work, identity, DBS etc;
  • Exposure of customers to unnecessary claims;
  • Management and consistency;
  • Regulatory compliance;
  • Contractual compliance;
  • Agreeing terms and conditions;
  • Transparent complaints handling;
  • Data protection and information exchange;
  • Internal audits.
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