Aeropeople passes anniversary audit with flying colours

Standards in Recruitment (SiR), the industry’s first independent accreditation for recruitment businesses, today announced that dedicated aerospace manpower provider Aeropeople, has successfully completed its first year anniversary combined legal and operational audit.

SiR provides a single accreditation standard which reflects the principles of quality, transparency, honesty and legality within a recruitment business. It allows a company to demonstrate its commitment to meeting legal compliance and excellent operational management practice through the award of a certificate and kite mark of quality logo to be used on a company’s website and all marketing collateral.

Aeropeople has benefitted from continuing to use SiR’s robust and independent recruitment accreditation process that complements Aeropeople’s existing ISO accreditations and underpins the company’s commitment to quality and compliance.

John Randall, Engagement Director at Standards in Recruitment, said: “Since completing a thorough audit in January 2015, it’s great to see that Aeropeople have successfully completed their first year anniversary audit with flying colours and we are delighted to continue our partnership with them in 2016.

“As a result of using the SiR accreditation process over the past year, it was noted how Aeropeople had made continuous improvement to their services and innovation across the board when they underwent their anniversary audit. We are delighted that Aeropeople has reaffirmed its confidence in the SiR process and we hope that their success will inspire other recruitment businesses that are serious about wanting to demonstrate their commitment to quality and stand out from their competitors will seek SiR accreditation.”

Julie Welford, Compliance Manage at Aeropeople, said: “Aeropeople are delighted to have successfully passed SiR’s first year anniversary audit as it’s an ideal endorsement of our commitment to quality and compliance. It also publicly demonstrates that we are serious about providing a premier compliant service to all of our customers.”

“To any recruitment business serious about wanting improve the way it operates, SiR’s accreditation process is an excellent management and compliance tool. “

This article first appeared in Recruitment International – 3rd February 2016

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