SiR accreditation provides hirers with confirmation of supply chain compliance

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Standards in Recruitment’s (SiR) ‘mark of excellence’ is an independent sign of quality designed to help you easily identify recruitment agencies that are committed to a universal set of quality standards.

Increased legislation and regulation now often place the burden of responsibility firmly with the end hirer to check for compliance throughout the supply chain. IR35 and tax compliance is a case in point, as are the right to work, GDPR, identity and qualification checks. SiR addresses this requirement and is suitable for all agency and tiered recruitment supply.

Like a business achieving ISO 9001, SiR’s recruitment-specific standards can only be obtained by following an independent accreditation programme through to validation of compliance via an on-site operational audit and independent legal audit using industry experts.

The SiR standards, developed through agency and hirer participation, apply to all recruitment platforms. SiR accreditation is robust and provides genuine validation of compliance.

Validation includes:

  • Regulatory compliance;
  • Contractual compliance;
  • Right to work, identity, DBS etc;
  • Data protection and GDPR;
  • Relevant in-house expertise;
  • Sector specific requirements including enhanced areas, e.g. education;
  • Meeting customer expectation;
  • Marketing collateral;
  • Confidentiality, diversity and non-solicitation;
  • Document control and risk management;
  • Complaint handling;
  • Internal training … and much more.



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