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Whatever the size of your recruitment business it is important that you operate within the applicable legislation.  Demonstrating that you are compliant makes good commercial sense too, as it builds confidence with your clients and candidates. Being compliant does not need to be complex, what is important however, is that your compliance procedures are independently verified.

Standards in Recruitment was developed by a group of industry stakeholders and offers a new era in compliance. Since its launch it has created a genuine alternative from the existing model of self-regulation linked to trade association membership, to a compliance accreditation that is awarded by an independent body and one that is open to all recruitment businesses.

Immediate benefits

Even if your business has ISO 9001, adopting SiR accreditation, which is specifically tailored for recruitment businesses, will result in immediate benefits. As Julie Welford, compliance manager for Aeropeople, an early adopter of SiR, says “The SiR standards are easy to understand, straight forward to implement, and, most importantly, relevant to a recruitment business. It was a clear value-add to our business to complete the SiR accreditation process, as it reinforced that we are providing the best service to our clients and our organisation.”

How SiR works 

As soon as you agree to sign-up for SiR accreditation, we send you a copy of the standards and guidance notes.  The standards have been collated by a wide range of industry stakeholders and capture what your clients reasonably expect so having the standards is a great research tool that helps you consider adjustments to make your business more attractive. From the outset, we make meeting the standards as painless as possible, as we support you through what we call ‘the compliance pathway’.  At the same time we mutually agree with you a target date for your company to achieve SiR accreditation.

The next stage in the compliance pathway is a three-part process which you embark upon at a time that suits your level of readiness.

Part 1 is an onsite gap analysis which looks at your operational and management systems. This will confirm that your systems are in order, or it could identify areas that may require fine tuning. The process is undertaken by an external assessor on a date to suit you, normally within two months from receipt of your signed application, but it could be sooner if you wish. At this point, we will also agree provisional dates for parts two and three of the processes.

Part 2 consists of a legal review audit of requested documents such as copies of employment contracts, marketing material, terms and conditions that are used by your business. This will be undertaken by our default legal auditor.

Part 3 is the onsite operational audit undertaken by an external assessor.

SiR accreditation  

SiR accreditation is awarded after successfully completing parts two and three of the process and covers a two-year period, with a second onsite audit after one year. During this period you will be able to display the SiR mark of quality logo on your company website and in all your marketing collateral.  At the same time, we discuss how we can further assist in raising the profile of your business, including a press release celebrating that you have achieved SiR accreditation.

How to apply for SiR accreditation

Applying for SiR accreditation is a simple process. Once we have your details we will provide you with a quote. On your go ahead, we send the standards and guidance and you will be on the compliance pathway to becoming a SiR accredited business, while standing out from the crowd, a major plus for your business, your marketing, your staff and your clients.

To find out more or to apply, contact SiR at:

Tel: 0845 450 4415 (quote RI March16)



This article first appeared in Recruitment International  –  3rd March 2016

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